Arzep Nasal Spray

Arzep Nasal Spray 0.1% 10 ml
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Arzep Nasal Spray is used to treat allergic rhinitis, which is an allergic reaction causing irritation and inflammation of the nasal passages. Allergic rhinitis can be seasonal caused by pollen (hay fever) or perennial caused by allergens such a house dust mites, mould or animal fur. Arzep Nasal Spray acts locally on the nasopharyngeal passages to relieve symptoms including increased mucous production, nasal swelling and congestion, runny itchy nose and sneezing.   

Arzep Nasal Spray contains Azelastine, which is a potent, fast-acting, long-acting antihistamine that blocks the action of histamine, a chemical released from mast cells, in response to allergens like pollen during an allergic reaction. Histamine binds to the H1 receptor in small blood vessels in the nasal passages causing them to leak, allowing white blood cells and blood proteins into the tissues, causing inflammation, tissue swelling, over production of mucus and irritation. Azelastine in Arzep Nasal Spray binds to H1 receptors and blocks histamine-mediated actions, as well as acting directly on the mast cells to reduce the amount of histamine released. This dual action of Arzep Nasal Spray reduces nasal symptoms of allergic rhinitis like nasal congestion, runny itchy nose and sneezing. 

The most commonly reported side effects when taking Arzep Nasal Spray include, bitter taste in the mouth, burning in the nose, dry mouth, sore throat, nausea, cough, sneezing, runny nose, nosebleed (epistaxis) and drowsiness.

You should not use Arzep Nasal Spray if you: are allergic to Azelastine or any ingredients in Arzep Nasal Spray; are pregnant or are breastfeeding, without discussion with your doctor; are taking any medications that interact with azelastine in Arzep Nasal Spray, including CNS depressants, cimetidine and also alcohol

Arzep Nasal Spray is intended for nasal administration only for adults and children over 5 years of age. Shake your Arzep Nasal Spray before use and apply one spray into each nostril twice daily, morning and evening, as instructed by your health care professional. You should use your Arzep Nasal Spray regularly and it can be used continuously for up to 6 months. You should use your Arzep Nasal Spray spray regularly and it can be used continuously for up to 6 months.

If you miss a dose of Arzep Nasal Spray take it as soon as you remember, unless it is time to take the next dose, then skip the missed dose. Do not take a double dose. You should store your Arzep Nasal Spray below 25°C in a cool dry place but do not refrigerate. 

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