Test 500

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Test 500 10 ml
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Highly concentrated testosterone is best pinned slowly into the glutes to avoid PIP. Users may also experience flu-like symptoms; it should subside once saturated in the bloodstream.

Test 500 is an injectable steroid which contains:

Testosterone Propionate - 100 mg
Testosterone Enanthate - 200 mg
Testosterone Cypionate - 200 mg

Test 500 consists of 3 testosterone esters, 2 of them in which are very similar yet have slightly different half-life (Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate). With the addition of Testosterone Propionate in this "ULTIMATE" blend is to offer a quick release of test as the long esters do the work in the back-ground light heavy artillery. This could achieve the ultimate synergy and interaction with the each parenting hormone, enhancing the desired effects complimenting the different test esters as each one goes to work with building MASS and targeting the androgen receptors.

Test 500 has been formulated to breakdown the barriers by promoting more strength and muscle gains with a continuous and steady supply of testosterone, enhancing the environment for growth and response with the androgen receptors. One could expect considerable mass, strength & lean muscle gains, also bolstering a very strong and noticeable libido all the while improving your mood and mental clarity and energy with upstanding cognitive functions.

Test 500 can/will display estrogenic effects in some users, It is highly suggested to incorporate the use of an aromatase inhibitor or Tamoxifen as this would still be necessary for estro-sensitive users.

Dosages can vary from 250-1500 mg weekly. Test 500 us suggested to be used twice a week (E3D) at 0.5mL or for well seasoned users 1mL twice a week (E3D).

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